Akshay Kumar COMFORTING Shilpa Shetty Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons!



A few days ago, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty lost her father Surendra Shetty due to a heart attack. Many Bollywood celebrities attended her father’s funeral. Akshay Kumar was also one of the celebs who made it a point to attend the funeral. Well, more than the loss Shilpa has faced, more attention is given to her pic with Akki for all the wrong reasons.

Shilpa couldn’t stop crying at her father’s funeral. It is but natural as losing a father is a very big loss. But, unnecessary attention is given to the picture in which Shilpa is crying on Akshay’s shoulder. We all know Shilpa and Akshay are ex-lovers, so many did not leave a chance to create a masala story out of this picture. Well, the truth is many celebs hugged Shilpa and she was in real pain of losing her father. In fact, when Akshay arrived, her husband Raj Kundra was also present there.

Yet, this picture is given more importance. In fact, some have even shot a video when Akshay arrived at the funeral and met Shilpa. Her loss is huge and it is obvious that people from the industry who know her will definitely go and console the actress. This picture wil definitely be a displeasure for the actress to watch going viral as she as recently suffered a big loss in her life.

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