Is Akshay Kumar Fond Of Salman Khan And Hrithik Roshan?

Salman-Hrithik-AkshayEverybody has favourites. We have too. And when we pick our favourites we stick to them like loyal fans. Akshay Kumar too has favourites. Akshay recently revealed that he likes Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan from the industry.

When asked who is his favourite in the industry, he promptly took Salman and Hrithik’s name. Explaining why Salman is his favourite, he said that he has always spoken highly about Akshay in a lot of places and so he admires him. But he didn’t give any reason why he is fond of Hrithik Roshan but given their urge to stay fit always, it could be Hrithik’s body basis that has made Akshay his fan.

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It is interesting to see how Akshay didn’t mention Shah Rukh Khan’s name. The latter had dropped by the sets of an Akshay film to bond with him. After many reports of their squabble, the two actors had apparently made up and are pretty cordial with each other. Now we don’t think Akshay will spark any controversy with such a comment. We were just wondering if everything is fine between the two.



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