Alia Bhatt Speaks Up About Her Sister Shaheen’s Depression!


Mental health is a topic not considered living room discussion despite the World Health Organisation’s recent report highlighting India as the world’s most depressed country. Lately many celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar have come out and spoken about their depression battles. Also, Alia Bhatt recently was a part of a film that spoke about mental health as a normalcy, Dear Zindagi.

And now, her sister, Shaheen Bhatt has opened up about ‘living with’ depression in an Instagram post. Stating that it’s not a surprise to people around, she addressed why she chose to come clean on social media. “I spend a fair amount of time on social media during the course of my day and today I found myself looking for something to post because it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. I couldn’t find anything so I figured I’d just talk about this – how I’m doing, instead of what I’m doing. It’s as simple as that, and we could all stand to do a little more of it,” she wrote.

Alia Bhatt talking about her sister’s depression, “All those who are close to her know about it. It’s not as if she has never spoken about it before. She has, to her loved ones. Apart from depression, my sister suffers from insomnia. So we’ve spent many sleepless nights talking.”

She added, “Though my sister and I share a very honest relationship, nothing that I can say or do can help her situation. So yes, she has to constantly work herself out of her depression. Whenever she seeks me for companionship, I am there. Otherwise she is a strong person and she has to deal with it herself. No matter how much I love her, I can’t help her get over the depression. She has to do it on her own.

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