Alok Nath’s Sanskaari Reaction After His Son Caught In Drunk Driving!


As earlier we reported, veteran actor Alok Nath’s son Shivang along with his other friends was booked for drunk driving on Monday night. As per reports, Shivang was returning home after partying with his friends at Khar pub. He avoided the drink and drive check and made police chase him until he was caught. After the investigation and interrogating Shivang, the police found that he had no licence.

Reportedly, he was fined with Rs 2,600 and was asked to present at the Bandra court. Talking to a leading tabloid, veteran actor Alok Nath said that he knows his son has made a mistake and that the court had let him off with a strict warning. Adding more, Alok Nath also said that he told his son that he should not have driven when he had consumed alcohol and instead should have given someone else, who had not consumed.

Not defending his son in any way, Alok Nath also stated that law is same for everyone but one wrong move of a star kid, the incident comes under the limelight immediately.

On a lighter note, Alok Nath, who is known as Sanskari Babuji, said he needs to pass on some sankaar to his son and that he should learn from his mistakes.

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