Amazon Prime Video Launches Prime Original Series, Hear Me. Love Me.

shilpa shetty

Hear Me. Love Me. is a disruptive and genre defining reality show that introduces the concept of ‘virtual’ blind dating.

Bollywood Diva, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, dons the hat of a mentor as she helps contestants navigate their ways through modern-day romance ~

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Amazon Prime Video today announced the launch of its next Prime Original series, Hear Me. Love Me. Challenging the very notion of ‘love at first sight’, the Prime Original reality series brings to life a virtual blind dating experience that combines technology and human interaction in a unique new format. Celebrated film actor, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, dons the role of a relationship guide and confidante as she helps contestants navigate through the mores of romance in today’s digital age. Produced by Fremantle, India, Hear Me. Love Me., a 10-episode series, is set to launch as a binge-watch on September 28, 2018 only on Amazon Prime Video.

The show entails young women between 21 – 32 years of age, with diverse aspirations and from different walks of life, making an attempt to find love and companionship. Every episode has one single woman making an acquaintance with three guys, ‘virtually’, without ever leaving her room. The bachelors wear a mini camera on their chest sharing their lives, but never revealing their faces, thereby eliminating looks as a deciding factor. After an intensive day of fast-track dating the three men, it will be decision time – where she has to choose the one who has won her heart – and all of this, without ever seeing his face. Innovative, authentic and with a broad appeal, the show puts the rules of attraction to the ultimate test because when it comes to dating, looks aren’t everything…or are they! Watch the show to find out ‘what women really want’ only on Amazon Prime Video.

Vijay Subramaniam, Director & Head, Content, Amazon Prime Video India, said, “At Amazon, our aim is to provide customers with innovative content that they will love. We know that many of our customers enjoy dating shows but we didn’t want to launch just another dating show; we wanted to launch one with a twist they have never seen before! With a disruptive format that offers customers a fresh and engaging look at dating, Hear Me. Love Me., will provide a sneak peek into the minds of millennials and the younger generation –on how they think and what they really want when it comes to matters of the heart.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra added, “Hear Me. Love Me. is a fun new take on blind dating and it’s quite exciting to see younger generation’s take on romance and relationships. It is edgy and bold; and I’ve tried my best to provide the contestants with the most honest advice possible. Some of the attitudes of this generation, that I discovered during the show, were truly surprising for me. I was amazed by how practical they are and how clear they can be on what they want or don’t want!”

Aradhana Bhola, MD of Fremantle, India said, "Hear Me. Love Me. is the ultimate new age fun experiment in figuring whether looks are everything when it comes to dating. A roller coaster ride filled with romance, adventure, humor and surprises, the show is a real window into the mindset and emotions of the youth today. Time to unleash irresistible entertainment!”

Catch the brand new trailer here:-

Hear Me. Love Me. was originally devised by Fremantle’s Israeli production company Abot Hameiri. Amazon Prime Video has the largest selection of latest & exclusive movies and TV shows, stand-up comedy, biggest Indian and Hollywood films, US TV series, most popular Indian & international kids’ shows, and award winning Amazon Prime Originals, all available, ad-free, with a world class customer experience.

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