Amit Sadh Almost Went To Jail For A Friend!


Amit Sadh almost went to jail a few years ago for trying to help a very close friend to elope with the latter’s girlfriend. He recently revealed this anecdotal incident and its uncanny resemblance to his reel life role in the soon to be released movie

This occurrence in his life preceded his starring in the movie. Birmingham-born Amit came to Mumbai nearly 16 years ago to become an actor. He plays the lead role as a comic character Ram Bharose in Known for his affable nature, he quickly developed close friendships with boys of his age in his residential locality in Mumbai.

One such friend was in love with a girl who lived in their neighborhood. Since the girl’s parents were opposed to her relationship with the boy who was from a different caste. One day the couple decided to elope and get married since the girl’s parents were vehemently opposed to their relationship. Amit being the helpful sort volunteered to help them elope, little knowing that doing so would land all of them in all sorts of trouble.

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Upon knowing that his daughter had eloped, the furious father lodged a complaint against Amit and his friend, alleging that they had misled the girl and were forcing her to get married. This could have landed both the guys in jail. Both of them rushed to meet the girl’s father before the situation could snowball out of hand and Amit persuaded him to withdraw the police complaint. At the same time, Sadh convinced the girl’s father to accept his friend as his son in law and bless their relationship.

Looking back and fondly reminiscing about the event, Amit laughed about it and remembered how close he was to being jailed for attempting to be a good Samaritan. Amit said, “It was funny now when I look back and think but when we got caught, we were scared to death. I was only helping a dear friend who genuinely loved his girlfriend and wanted to be make sure he could spend his married life with her. But much like a dramatic film, we were caught and the father didn’t take it too well, almost landing my friend and me in jail. But after a lot of talking and counselling matters got resolved. Though I’m glad I helped them, they’re still together, intact and very happy!” It had a happy ending-All is well that ends well.