Anupam Kher Lauds Vivek Anand Oberoi’s Charitable Work!


Vivek Anand Oberoi has always been at the forefront of noble causes and has always contributed to the society in his own way.

The large-hearted actor has been tirelessly working for several causes related to women and cancer patients since almost 15 years.

Recently, Anupam Kher lauded Vivek’s efforts towards bringing about a positive change in the society and urging people to go tobacco-free at the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)’s press conference scheduled on World No Tobacco Day (May 30) at a suburban five star hotel in Mumbai.

The prolific actor who was recently invited as the Chief Guest and Speaker praised Vivek’s charitable work that he has been relentlessly doing since more than 15 years.

Anupam Kher said at the event, “People present here have been doing phenomenal job to create a tobacco-free society. It needs sense of courage and dedication to take time out from your daily routine and focus on doing something good for mankind.”

“Hats off to Vivek for working relentlessly for 15 years and doing the fantastic work,” Anupam adds.

At the event, Anupam Kher also handed over voice prosthesis to cancer patients and he will also felicitate the transgender patients who have given up tobacco.