Anushka Ranjan Supports Rape Victims And Wants A Supportive Society To Live In

Anuska-Ranjan-[tps_footer]Dear readers, do you remember Anushka Ranjan ?? She recently appeared in the movie Wedding Pulav which didn’t do well at the box office but her good screen presence was undeniable and now, she has become part of BETI movement – A Charity For Women’ started by her mother-social activist, Anu Ranjan, and daughter Anushka is following her mother’s footsteps and is rigorously working to give better opportunities and society to the victims of heinous acts as rape.


Anushka spoke about one of the most upsetting example of rape victims and she spoke about Shabina Khan, who was raped by her own father, Anushka says, “You cannot help but want to cry and at the same time want the harshest punishment for the person who has committed this heinous crime, especially to their own daughters. She also said, “I’m glad we got Shabina a job at a parlour and she has managed to get her family a home. We are also taking care of her education simultaneously,”


True !! We agree. A girl’s life doesn’t get over if she is raped. It’s a weird and horrible world that we live in where even kids are raped and are se*ually abused. These incidents don’t just happen outside, at times the criminals can be the close ones too. Very important to stay vigilant and stay strong, protect yourself at the same time have guts to support others too.

We wish to see you soon on silver screen Anushka Ranjan and please keep up the good work.[/tps_footer]

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