Want To Talk To Anushka Sharma? Here’s Her WhatsApp Number 98674*****


They say marketing is the soul of a film. Promoting a film gets very important for filmmakers to bring in its liveliness. Stars are often seen promoting their films and reaching out to the audiences. Like other stars, Anushka Sharma also believes in doing that but this time she is going beyond the usual ethics of promotion. But how?

Well! Anushka Sharma will interact with her fans on Whatsapp video call but she’ll be invisible. That is how it will be because she will be playing Shashi, a friendly spirit. The NH-10 actress will call the fans every week and interact about the film.

The Chief marketing officer of Fox Star Studios, Shikha Kapur said, “A celebrity going invisible during a film’s promotion is a first and we would like to continue creating ground-breaking ideas that transcend conventional norms of engagement”.

Since Anushka Sharma is playing a friendly soul, she got her personal number registered as Shashi and shall be available to interact with the fans through WhatsApp’s video calling feature.

Well! The number is 9867473178. The fans will feed her number and the buzz is that the number will be constantly used by Anushka Sharma through the campaign of Phillauri to give her fans the access to the film’s promotional content.

Shikha Kapur commented on that by saying, “The unique storyline of ‘Phillauri’ where the lead actor plays a friendly spirit who cannot be seen by people, gives us the opportunity to create a campaign that is imaginative and differentiated with ‘invisibility’ taking centre stage as the unique proposition.”

She also added, “For ‘Phillauri’, we have created ideas that are experiential in nature and invoke participation from the target audience. What’s up with Shashi is one such idea on Whatsapp where we tap into the reach of the chatting platform in the country (160 million monthly users) and encourage engagement with Shashi in a never been done before manner.”

Phillauri will hit the screens on March 24.