Arbaaz Khan Reveals How The Divorce With Malaika Arora Khan Has Affected His Son Arhaan


Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora surprised everyone when they announced that they are legally getting divorced. For a while, before that, there were reports stating that all was not well in this Khan paradise.

Despite the families trying to get the two to patch up, things didn’t work out. Even Arbaaz’s older brother and the protector of the Khan-daan, Salman Khan tried intervening but to no avail. Eventually, the two ended their marriage of over a decade.

The children are usually the most affected when parents get divorced. Arbaaz and Malaika have a son, Arhaan who they both call their priority. It is indeed usually the most difficult for the child to understand why his parents can’t be together.

When quizzed about it by a leading daily, Arbaaz said, “I still respect Malaika and she is the mother of my son, Arhaan. He is still young, so certain decorum has to be maintained. Even if there are differences, they have to be set aside; the child has to be given the right care and attention. Malaika and I did attempt to get back for a long time, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find a middle path. However, we are on good terms and will continue to be so. Let’s see what life holds for us.”

On how his son is handling the situation really well despite his age, Arbaaz said, “Arhaan is sensible. He was 12 when it happened, now he is 14. His focus is on studies and athletics. When a couple hits a rough patch in their marriage, it’s easy for their children to fall into bad company and lose focus, but my son is doing better now than before.”

It is just not the son that is a binding factor in this estranged couple’s life, but also the families who they have known for a really long time. Arbaaz is a frequent visitor at Malaika’s paternal home even now.

Explaining these dynamics, Arbaaz said, “My association with Malaika’s family is as old as my association with her. My equation with her mother, sister and father won’t be affected just because as partners, matters haven’t been fine between us. In fact, I get invited to their house for dinner every other day.”