Arpita Khan Drops Kaleera On Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif



[tps_footer]Indian rituals are pure and full of love. We did witness a lot of love at Arpita Khan’s wedding recently. Well a moment from her big day which got captured was the next prospective bride and groom.

Punjabi ritual has the bride wear kaleera on her hands. Kaleera are danglers, which the bride drops on the next prospective bride and the groom. Amidst the wedding scenario this ritual was one of the highlights as all the girls in the palace were waiting for their turn to get their hands on the Kaleera.

Apparently, when Arpita Khan was given a chance, she dropped her Kaleera on both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.  No, she definitely did not drop it on them when they were together, but separately.

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Salman was lying down and Arpita showered her danglers on him, surely hinting him to be the next on the card for marriage. Interestingly she did the same with Katrina, where she dropped the Kaleera in front of Katrina and she picked it up examining it. Wow, unknowingly Katrina too became the next prospective bride the very same day.

We are not saying that she wants the two to marry each other but the dear sister of Salman Khan surely hinted to her big brother towards marriage and so did she to her best friend Katrina Kaif. Well we don’t know what Arpita Khan Sharma really wished for Katrina Khan or Katrina Kapoor? All we know is, soon the wedding bells are going to ring in the B-town again. Seems like the wedding brought in a lot for us to rejoice and wonder about.

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