Artists Who Have Done Amazing Work Internationally

There are many Indian artists who have made their mark internationally and have been well received by the global audience. From Irrfan Khan to Priyanka Chopra to Vir Das has made a global name and made us proud internationally with their hard work, talent and determination. Here are the list of artists and their incredible work which they have done globally. 

Anoushka Shankar: By the age of 20, sitar maestro Anoushka Shankar had made three classical recordings for EMI/Angel and received her first Grammy nomination, thereby becoming the first Indian female and youngest-ever nominee in the World Music category. In 2005, Anoushka released her self-produced breakthrough album Rise, which earned her a second Grammy nomination. Following this nomination Anoushka became the first Indian artist to perform at the Grammy Awards. As an international solo artist, Anoushka has performed in a range of distinguished venues such as Carnegie Hall, Barbican Centre, Sydney Opera House, Vienna Konzerthaus, Salle Pleyel, Royal Festival Hall, Frankfurt Alte Oper to name a few. Her event appearances include the Verbier Festival, the Prague Spring Festival, Boom Festival and the London Proms.

Vir Das: Vir Das is the first ever Indian comedian to go on a World Tour. The actor-comedian is geared up for the Boarding Das World Tour 2017 in which Vir is expected to travel across 6 continents and over 20 countries including Canada, US, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, East Africe, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, UK and many others including India. The tour will be the biggest ever done and executed by an Indian comedian. Apart from this, Vir Das’ The Weirdass Comedy Festival and other tours in countries like US, Britain, Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East among others have been a massive success.

Raghu Dixit: Raghu Dixit has played many shows all over the world including in the United States, the UK, Korea, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and India. He and his multilingual folk band, the Raghu Dixit Project (RDP), have been popularizing Indian tunes across the globe for several years. Apart from a huge following in India, RDP has a big fan base abroad (they performed for the Queen of England recently). He played at the SAMA Festival in North East England, as part of a 6-day collaborative project involving folk musicians from Rajasthan and Northumbria n folk musicians from the UK. In 2007, he played at the French Kiss Tour – World Music Day. The Raghu Dixit Project performed with three French musicians Anaïs, Emily Loizeau and Mademoiselle K who are very popular there. 

Bappi Lahiri: Disco King, Bappi Lahiri has scoring the music for more than 630 films and working for more than 45 years in the industry. He has done shows throughout the world from Los Angeles to Australia, Cape Town, London, Holland, Singapore and Vietnam and created history in the international market. He has also sung a song called Shona, for an animated character in the film, Tamatoa and has collaborated with American rapper Snoop Dogg, and American rapper and songwriter Akon. International rapper M.C. Hammer also had the pleasure of working with our own desi disco master & rapper Bappi Lahiri for international project WILL TO LIVE. This Indo-American venture is made in English and Hindi languages.

Bibhu Mohapatra: Bibhu Mohapatra, a modest man who have Conquered the World of Women’s Fashion. He has dressed some of the most influential women in the US – including First Lady Michelle Obama, and Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Hillary Swank. Hollywood A-listers such as Glenn Close, Kristen Wiig, Elisabeth Moss and Lupita Nyong’o have also worn his designs in the past. He is quite a favourite with Bollywood actors as well, with Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor donning his creations on the red carpet.

Niladri Kumar: Sitar maestro Niladri Kumar has revolutionized the way the sitar was played by creating his own instrument called the ‘zitar’. He has collaborated with Grammy Award winner Mickey Hart for his concert tour in the US. Niladri has performed at many prestigious festivals and concerts, both solo and together with international musicians such as Jazz guitar legend John McLaughlin.