Athiya Shetty Turns Down Offer To Endorse Fairness Products!


Athiya Shetty doesn’t believe in fairness products and likes to keep it simple and natural when it comes to her skin.

The talented actress, who is known for her fashion sense, have recently joined the bandwagon of actors who have refused to endorse fairness products.

“Fortunately, nobody made fun of me at school because it had kids from different nationalities,” Athiya informs, adding, “My skin tone was as distinct as theirs and so, it didn’t make me insecure. I grew up in an environment where I didn’t have to be fair to be called pretty. Yes, all of us go through that awkward phase where we don’t feel beautiful, but even then, it had nothing to do with my skin tone.”

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“If you check, some of the most beautiful women in the world are not fairskinned. It’s so superficial to judge beauty like that. I think irrespective of colour, everyone is beautiful. There is a certain partiality in our society towards fair people, which brands thrive on. I understand that they’re only trying to do their job, but I refuse to endorse something that I firmly don’t believe in,” she adds.

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