Baby Doll Sunny Leone Desires Shah Rukh, Salman!


SALMANSRKYes, you read that right. Bollywood’s sone di Baby Doll aka Sunny Leone (of Ragini MMS 2 fame) has expressed a desire to work with two of the biggest superstars in Bollywood today – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan!

When being asked recently at a media interaction, ahead of the release of last week’s Ragini MMS 2, which sees Sunny portray the titular role, Sunny said she would love to work with SRK and Salman Khan. SRK, because she thinks his comic timing is brilliant.”

Upon being asked if she would like to experiment in the genres of films she does, Sunny boldly replied: “I would love to work in a comedy. I truly believe that making people laugh is not that easy, so trying my hand at this genre and making people laugh definitely tops my bucket list. In fact, I don’t mind doing an action-comedy. That would be a perfect mix of two genres that I love.”

Considering she has tried her hand at horror, or “horrifex” (horror+sex) in this film, Sunny Leone said she is now kicked about doing action in her upcoming Tina and Lolo: “Very few know that I love action. Doing physically challenging activities and performing stunts gives me an adrenaline rush. In Tina and Lolo, I will be doing some really sulk when they are down with bruises and injuries, I just fell in love with that feeling.”

The bold and beautiful Sunny Leone admits to having no qualms about being a former adult actress. She said, unabashedly, “No one pushed me into this. A local agent back home approached me and as a teenager, it all looked so cool. Having enough money to spend without asking your parents is a dream come true for any teen. I did have fun and honestly, I have no regrets about it.”

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, takes some serious guts and gumption to admit!

And is an action-romance-comedy film with either Salman or Shah Rukh Khan in the offing, we hear?

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