Bajirao Ranveer Singh Made Shocking Revelations About His Journey To Stardom


Ranveer-Singh[tps_footer]A lot of times it’s said that anyone can get success in the entertainment world if you have friends or family in this business to support you. There are people who also believe that you need to have only good looks to rule big and small screens but it’s not true, even if you invest money in any upcoming project may not give you any guaranteed success and profit, this is how showbiz is. It looks glamorous from the outside but some people in the business never mind using and throwing artists on a day to day basis, only the clever ones and the toughest ones can survive in this world. Either rule or be ruled is mostly the scenario of Bollywood and the world too. Bajirao Ranveer Singh had his share of pain, struggle and much more that he is ready to tell us. Never believe a happy face, they must be going through hell inside and this is what Ranveer Singh has been doing.


Ranveer Singh started his career with YRF flick Band Baaja Baaraat starring Anushka Sharma where Ranveer came across a huge success in his acting career with this movie and at the same time he found a soul mate in Anushka Sharma. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out and now Anushka is trying to figure out her relationship with cricketer Virat Kohli and Ranveer Singh is pretty happy with his Mastani Deepika Padukone. But, this is not the end of the story, during a recent interview Ranveer Singh opened about his earlier days in the industry and he shared the bitter moments of his life when he faced racism, even ridiculed and humiliated by the people inside and outside the industry.

At times people forget to be nice and polite by trying, to be honest, and outspoken and Ranveer has been targeted a lot of times because of his fun filled nature and friendly behaviour, but this guy has proved his metal in the industry and today all the A-list directors and producers are waiting to sign him for their projects. Ranveer Singh is also ruling the advertisement world by bagging big brands in his kitty.


Ranveer Singh said something so deep that grabbed our attention, he said purposely like to be a fool and not show his intelligent side because people relate more with the fool than the intelligent one and he feels showing intelligence can alienate you from the people. Ranveer confessed he is an extremist and so his emotions and feeling are extreme and he never shied away from being himself. But Ranveer‘s sensitive nature has always put him in a different kind of limelight and he said it works as a defense mechanism against his sensitive nature when he acts funny.

We just wish all the best to Ranveer Singh and other sweet-loving people like him on this planet.It’s good to be good but never let anyone take advantages out of you a lot of times Ranveer feels the need to be liked by people and we feel if you are giving your best, you don’t need to bother about who is liking or disliking you. What do you say?[/tps_footer]