Bank Chor:The Maddest Track Of The Year Lag Gayi Tashreef Is Out!


Bank Chors get their tashreef taken with Lag Gayi Tashreef.

If you are one of those millions of people whose tashreef has been taken at one or the other point in life, then this is something which you would totally relate to. The trailer of Bank Chor was already released a few days ago and we couldn’t help but just laugh our lungs out. But now the first song of the film, Lag Gayi Tashreef is out and it completely matches to the madness of the film.

The music video of the song features the three worst chors ever, Champak, Genda and Gulab. It shows what literally happens when everything that has to go wrong, goes wrong, or basically when life is pointing at you and laughing its tashreef off!

Sung and composed by Rochak Kohli and written by Adheesh Verma, the hookline of the song is ‘Lag gayi tashreef.’ It seems to be the only Bollywood film that celebrates taking its own tashreef. In fact, to promote the song, Riteish did a ‘Twitter roast’, where he invited everyone to take his own Tashreef. It soon went on to trend across India for reasons no one can understand.

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Says Riteish Deshmukh, ”I wasn’t lying when I said that when I did Bank Chor, meri tashreef lag gayi thi… literally! The hookline captures the sentiment of the three chors in the movie, as well as what I went through while shooting the song.”

Adds singer-composer Rochak Kohli, ”Tashreef’ is a song that I hope will connect with the common man and becomes a reason to laugh upon our daily struggles. How appropriate then that I composed it in the loo while on my Tashreef!”

Finally, producer Ashish Patil says, ”Bollywood has been obsessed with the heart, the eyes and even the mouth but for the longest time have ignored the bum. So as Y-Films, it was our duty to pay respect to our ‘Tashreef’. You’re welcome!”

Self-confessedly India’s STUPIDEST comic thriller, Bank Chor, directed by Bumpy and produced by Ashish Patil, is all set to embarrass its makers when it releases in theatres on June 16.

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