BATTLE OF COMEDIES: ‘Oh My God’ V/S ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

The producers of Priyadarshan’s latest comic romp Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal (KDM) are under very serious pressure to postpone their release date so that it doesn’t clash with Akshay Kumar’s godly comedy Oh My God (OMG).

However the OMG team is not budging, come what may.

Both the films are slated for a September 28 release.

Apparently the KDM producers have been besieged with “requests” from the other camp to move forward, as a clash between the two films, both essentially comedies, doesn’t make any box office sense.

Interestingly KDM director Priyadarshan who is a close friend of the OMG producer Akshay Kumar, has also lately jumped into the postponement persuasion plan.

A source very close to the KDM producer Percept Pictures says, “We’ve been under pressure to postpone our film for nearly two months now. They’ve tried to convince us through various people. Strangely our director Priyadarshan has also converted to their line of thinking. On Akshay Kumar’s say-so, Priyan too has started thinking we should postpone KMD. But why should we? We announced our film before OMG.”

The latest development in the Picture Hatao Andolan is a “request” call from Anil Agarwal, a close associate of Ponty Chadha whose company is the worldwide distributor of OMG.

Apparently Agarwal rang up the producers of KMD with a “very serious request” to postpone their release.

Says our source from Percept, “The call went to Harindra Singh, brother to Percept’s Shailendra Singh. Mr Agarwal very politely argued that releasing both films on the same day would be detrimental to both the projects. Since Harindra Singh is not directly involved with Percept Films he heard the other person out. The next thing Percept knew, word spread in the industry that KMD’s release was being postponed. But we are very sure we’re coming in 28 September.”

When approached Shailendra Singh refrained from comment.