Befikre: Vaani Kapoor BREAKS SILENCE On Why Her Face Looks Different!

Without beating around the bush, Vaani asks, “Does it look like I’ve done something? I don’t know what to say.

That the audience is seeing her after a break could be the reason, she reasons. “I have lost weight; my face is bound to look different. We shot in Paris when it was freezing; the cameras keep zooming in and out. The face looks different from different angles.”

And then comes the final punch: “I can’t afford surgery, I am only one-film old.” She quickly clarifies, though, that she doesn’t judge those who opt for it.

Vaani would rather talk about how she waited long for a second outing. “I kept auditioning with Shanoo Sharma (YRF’s casting director) for the last three years to hone my skills. I also did a Tamil film called ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ (2014), a remake of ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ (2010). I requested Adi [Aditya Chopra] to make me an AD on a film so that I could learn filmmaking tricks.”

She hopes once ‘Befikre‘ releases, the audience will have more to discuss than her face and the liplocks she shares with co-star Ranveer Singh. “There’s lots more to the film!”

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