Behind Closed Doors, Aamir Khan Prepares For ‘Dhoom 3’



MUMBAI: Usually you hear stories about how Hollywood studios like to keep everything secretive and not leak any news about their movies. But looks like now Bollywood isn’t far behind.

Aamir Khan took to Facebook recently to inform us about ‘Dhoom 3’. He said that he had watched the final cut of the film and was waiting excitedly for Christmas, which is when the third part in the ‘Dhoom’ franchise comes out.

Finally, it does seem like the folks at Yashraj Films have started work on the posters and trailer. Buzz is that Aditya Chopra has created a special room inside which work is on. Only three-four people have access to the room. Two of them happen to be Aditya Chopra himself and Aamir Khan, who have complete access.

A source said, “Of course, Aamir (Khan; lead actor) and Aditya are always allowed. Besides them, only two other people from the team (those actively working on the trailer and the poster) are authorised to go in.” Besides every person going in has to go through a three-tier security structure. Even the doors are password protected, with the password changing everyday!

There’s no news yet on when the trailers and posters will be out, though. The source said, “Aditya is the one who takes all the final decisions, but Aamir is always kept in the loop.”

Seems like the ‘Dhoom’ team really wants to surprise us when the trailers and posters come out. Till then, we will wait in hope. ‘Dhoom 3’ also marks the return of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, while Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan and Jackie Shroff play the villains. Vijay Krishna Acharya is directing this time.