Has The Best Friendship Between Salman Khan And Sonakshi Sinha Gone Sour?



[tps_footer]Salman Khan is famous for his long list of best friends, but the actor is also known for his list of enemies. Salman is one of the moodiest actors of the tinsel town. The Dabangg Khan is now and then in the limelight for his cold wars. Yet again the handsome hunk has cut off one more name from his friend’s list.

Sonakshi Sinha who debuted with Salman in the film ‘Dabangg’ has always thought of him as her mentor. Sonakshi has many times claimed that she is in the industry because of Salman. The actress is humble enough to always be positive about the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor.

Well, of course, Sona was in very good terms with Salman as she started off her career with him. However, not all is so straight and sorted. Reports making rounds suggest that Salman and Sonakshi are no longer friends!

Yes! Sonakshi Sinha always claimed that Salman Khan is her closest one in the industry. Seems like, things are going sour between these two actors. At an award function onlookers made a revelation that Salman Khan gave Sona a cold shoulder. The Sultan actor was evidently not interested in talking to the Akira actress.

Many also claimed that Salman refused to pose with Sonakshi on Snapchat too. It can be well assumed that Salman and Sonakshi Sinha are no longer the best buddies of B-Town![/tps_footer]