Who Is The Better Toofani: Ranveer Singh Or Salman Khan


Ranveer Singh has taken over Salman Khan’s Thumbs up and this is what the first advertisement looks like. Watch both the Thumbs Up ads below and tell us which is your favourite.

The actor replaced Salman for four years to become the new face of the brand and the ad looks dramatic and gives him a heroic look. Well! the campaign sticks to words “Aaj kuch toofani karte hai”. Salman since four years had been endorsing the brand and promoting his guts to take risks. It’s Ranveer Singh’s turn now to do it.

In Ranveer’s ad, we see the actor in a restaurant and the instant cries for help haunt him and that’s when he decides to go and help the ones in need by rushing towards the danger zone. Ranveer is portrayed as a fearless hero who drinks thumbs up.

While the collaboration with Thumbs up is concerned, the actor said that the brand has been an integral part of his life. He quoted “My entire family could entice me with a bottle and make me do anything for it. I am glad to have chosen the brand as its endorser, since the brand’s attitude resonates with me more than any other. This brand personifies me – daring, confident in my skin and a risk taker.”

Well! let’s see how Ranveer Singh takes up the brand and convince fans with his stunts in the ad.

We’re surely gonna miss Salman and his Thumbs up ad now.

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