Guess Who Is Jacqueline Fernandez’s Inspiration?

Jacqueline has a slew of hit songs to her credit. Her hit songs like Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, Lat Lag Gayi, Sooraj Dooba Hai, Jumme Ki Raat, Party On My Mind, from the recent one’s being, Pyaar Ki Maa Di and Malaamal in Housefull 3, Sau Tarah Ke from Dishoom and now Beat Pe from Flying Jatt have gone on to become all time favorites. She has showcased her powerful performing capabilities in all these songs.


jacqeuline-fernandez-beyounceJacqueline loves all of Beyoncé’s songs, Single Ladies, who runs the world, crazy in love, these are just to name a few. On being asked when did she start loving Beyoncé’s songs and what makes her love them so much, Jacqueline shared, “I think I started loving Beyoncé’s music when I was a teenager and that was when she was still in destiny’s child. I liked it because it was something you could dance to and it still had a lot of soul.”

On being asked if her dance moves have inspired her, she shared, “Her dance moves have more than anything inspired the entire world because she introduced a very interesting concept, it was like a mixture of se*y hip hop and jazz combined, so I think she was able to inspire the world with that.

On being asked how does Jacqueline learn new dances with so much ease, she shares, “I think because I’ve never been trained in a specific dance which is why I think learning new dance forms has been easier.”

Her signature steps from many party anthems like Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, Lat Lag Gayi, Sau Tarah Ke, Pyaar Ki from Housefull and now Beat Pe Booty become big sensations and have received much love from the audiences all over.

Her untitled next, with Sidharth Malhotra has already created much anticipation among the audiences.

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