Bigg Boss 10 Runner Up VJ Bani Deactivates Her Social Media Accounts

Shockingly, Bigg Boss 10 runner-up VJ Bani has deactivated her social media accounts. Bani is very much active on Instagram and usually does live chat with her fans. However, she left everyone shocked and confused after she deactivated her Instagram account. Known for her strong mind and straightforward attitude, Bani is always super excited to be in touch with her fans but she left everyone surprised by cutting off from social media.

Though the reason is not known but surely something has hurt Bani, which made her disconnect herself from social media. Many of her fan clubs on Instagram shared the news that she has currently taken a break from social media and is perfectly doing well.

We wonder what can be the reason behind this sudden behavior of VJ Bani. What do you think? Share your views in the comments section below.

Bani was recently in news over her lip-lock Boomerang video with Sapna Bhavnani. The two Bigg Boss contestants were spotted locking lips on a beach. Though it was actually not a kiss, but the two had hit headlines for the same. The picture had already gone viral on the Internet and had received tremendous backlash as well. However, Sapna lashed out at haters like a boss.

Here’s what she wrote, reposting the same video:

“Just finished yoga and saw that Bani J and I are trending for a kiss which I wish was a kiss but really just a snapshot of a boomerang. India when will we move forward. Really! Sooooooooo Much attention for a KISS??? Dang people fighting for world peace don’t trend so much!!! lol. Hope more women and men come out and kiss and show ya’ll love does not have a gender. My life. My rules. Kisses to all. Men and Women and the Transgender.”

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