BIGG BOSS 6 ‘Fireworks’: Sapna Bhavnani VS Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Sapna Bhavnani
Salman Khan and Sapna Bhavnani
Salman Khan and Sapna Bhavnani

MUMBAI: ‘Bigg Boss’ makers wanted a ‘hatke’ season this time around, with the tagline for the show being ‘Alagg Che’. They wanted a change from the usual fights and ugly controversies seen on the popular reality show.

However, this was not to be. This season has already started generating heat, with its eclectic mix of contestants.

The inmates, this time around, were thought to be quite mild compared to the previous seasons (remember the fiasco named Dolly Bindra?), and it was expected that the show would be quite tame and clean.

However, celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani has shaken up the equilibrium in the Lonavla household. The bindaas Bhavnani has caused quite a stir in the Bigg Boss house, with her uncalled for attacks on the show’s host, Salman Khan.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Sapna has taken on none other than the mighty Salman Khan.

On Friday, Salman Khan had spoken out against Sapna’s attitude in the house. The ‘Dabbang’ Khan had challenged her real motive of coming on the reality show, when she claimed she was “not here for the prize money at all”. Khan had then asked her why would anyone waste 3 months of their life if they were not interested in winning the prize money.

This angered the bold lady, who countered his allegations by stating she had another mission and that’s why she entered the reality show.

She reportedly resorted to abusing the show’s host, who was extremely patient while dealing with her, and resorted to using cuss words and expletives when addressing him.

The show’s producers decided to edit out this shocking footage.

“Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati kartye rahe har Friday. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bulls**t sunti rahoongi har Friday,” Mumbai Mirror quoted Sapna. She even accused Khan of being a serial ‘woman beater’ and let off another volley of cuss words towards the show’s host.

Sapna even dared Salman to kick her off the show, saying that she was not someone Salman, or the producers, could bully into submission by throwing money at her.

The lady is known to be bold and fearless, and speak her mind without fear of the consequences or retribution. She was even shown in subsequent episodes, being rude towards other housemates, including comedian Vrajesh Hirjee and Gulabi Gang leader, Sampat Pal, on several occasions.

Speaking your mind freely is one thing, but being rude and obnoxious is totally another story altogether.

We hope that Sapna realizes that she was being immature, and is seen apologizing for her behavior, especially towards Salman Khan.

The lady is otherwise so funny and entertaining on the show; so spunky and full of life, that her fans will be sorry if she is evicted from the house based on her recent fracas.

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