Bigg Boss 7: Kajol Finally Breaks Her Silence On Tanisha



Kajol, along with Ajay Devgn, were in New Delhi to attend the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. They were attending the event in the capacity of the summit speakers. The other speakers include names like Raj Sisodia, Jairam Ramesh, Beeban Kidron, Walter Robb, Condoleezza Rice, Arun Jaitley, Dr. Anjali Mukherjee, Smriti Irani, Khusboo Sundar, Imran Khan, Anoushka Shankar and others.

It was a forgone conclusion that the media would question Kajol about her sister Tanisha who is making headlines after headlines every single day, thanks to her antics in Bigg Boss 7.

Also, a lot has been written and spoken about the differences between Tanisha and Kajol and the disapproval of mother Tanuja. Kajol, being the gracious lady she is, put a final nail to all the speculations by extending her support to her kid sister Tanisha. Kajol at an event said that she completely supports her sister Tanisha and it is the format of the show to put inmates in unnatural situation and bring out the worst in them.

Tanisha is under constant media scanner for being too close and often intimate with housemate Armaan Kohli. She was caught in an objectionable situation with Armaan not once but several times.

Speaking about the reality show, Kajol said, “I do watch Bigg Boss regularly and I feel the show’s format is such that it brings out the worst in the person. I try and catch every single episode of the show and will support Tanisha because she is my sister. I don’t think I have any advise for her because that place is such. The show puts you in an unnatural situation and compels to get the worst reaction out of you.”

Kajol and Ajay Devgn chatted at length about their love story and revealed the reason behind their successful marriage. Kajol said that their marriage worked because they are completely opposite to each other. The couple entered into matrimony on February 24, 1999.

“We dated for almost four years before getting married and we are best friends. I think our relation has worked only because I speak a lot and he quietly listens. I can go on for hours and he can stay mum for hours, so the secret to our happy married life is that Ajay doesn’t say much,” said a very happy and content Kajol.

Adding to this, Ajay joked, “The secret of our successful marriage is simple, I sometimes listen and sometimes I just pretend to listen.”

Here’s wishing this much in love couple all the happiness in the world![/tps_header]