BIGG BOSS 7: Salman Khan – Elli Avram: Something Brewing?



MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s affection for Greek-Swedish model-turned-actress-turned Bigg Boss contestant Elli Evram seems to have hit an all time high!

A while back, we had reported that Salman had compared Bigg Boss inmate and heroine of upcoming release ‘Mickey Virus’ Elli Avram to his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif (SEE STORY HERE)

And now, over the past weekend, Salman seems to have taken his Elli-affinity a step further!

Salman, known to have a weakness for foreign beauties (think: Bruna Abdullah, supermodel Claudia Ciesla, Iulia Vantur and most importantly, his once-upon-a-time girlfriend Katrina Kaif!), seems smitten by light-skinned stunner Elli Avram.

Since the show began, Bigg Boss host Salman seems to have displayed an open fondness for Elli, playfully ribbing her about her accent and the way she speaks Hindi. He had promised to teach her how to speak the language, once she emerged from the house.


Salman Khan had even casually made a passing remark about how she reminds him of an early Katrina Kaif, when she had just entered the industry and didn’t know Hindi (ahem)

As the weeks progressed, Salman’s overt affection found an outlet in Elli. This weekend, Salman even stood up for her, and hinted that he might offer her a film when she leaves the Bigg Boss house…


Another contestant on the show, Kamya, had apparently blasted Elli for acting coy and like a dumb blonde in front of Salman, but in reality she was able to understand every word being said in Hindi. Elli, on her part, was naturally upset by this. When Salman learnt of this, he stood up for Elli, and made a joke out of it saying that she couldn’t understand only him or his accent, and that he was a tad bit upset by this.

Moreover, when ‘Mickey Virus’ lead actor Manish Paul (who, incidentally began his career on TV as well) entered the Bigg Boss house to promote his film, he strongly recommended Elli’s name to Salman. Salman, on his part, then hinted he would sign her on for a film once she came out of the house.

With such a big and mighty fan in Salman Khan, it sure appears that Elli is heading down the right path to stardom. All eyes on the Swedish beauty for now!