Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D VS Deepika Padukone’s Finding Fanny

Creature-DeepikaThis week two movies Creature 3D and Finding Fanny will jostle for audience’s appreciation. Now we always like a good fight and these two films have it in them to give stiff competition to each other. It is now important to predict which of these have the might to discomfort the other.

Given Creature’s novel idea, the film might find takers in the horror loving section. But Vikram Bhatt is repeatedly saying it isn’t a horror movie but a creature one. It has all the ingredients of being a horror film replete with melodious songs and some love making. It has the trappings to make the cut but in comparison to Finding Fanny, Creature looks a little less interesting.

Why we say so because Finding Fanny has a distinct goan flavor and have an amazing cast. The quirky nature of its plot will draw the crowd. Deepika Padukone now has a good following, so undoubtedly she will pull in more crowds than Bipasha Basu. The plot and the search operation theme are making people wait for the film. It isn’t a novel idea like Creature but has the old wine with right mix in a fascinating bottle.

Well, Friday will tell us what happens to the films. Who are you banking on?

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