Bipasha Basu’s Spooky Take On TV Show ‘Arjun’


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MUMBAI: Bipasha Basu was the latest Bollywood celebrity to be spotted on the sets of a TV show, to promote her upcoming film ‘Aatma’.

Following a long line of Bollywood stars who are appearing on special episodes of TV shows to promote their films was Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu, who’s gearing up for her big release ‘Aatma’: a horror film which stars herself and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Spotted at Madh Island, shooting in a bungalow, was Bipasha Basu along with the cast and crew of TV show ‘Arjun’. Bipasha looked sexy as always, in a black lacey dress with sheer sleeves, as she interacted with the star cast of the show.

Speaking about the vast outreach television provides, Bipasha said, “TV is a really important medium and it was actually fun coming on this show and shooting for this serial.”

Maintaining that she was extremely excited to be shooting for the crime serial, Bipasha added: “The functioning is really fast, modern, and everything is just the way we shoot films…. I came to Arjun because they solve a lot of cases and today’s episode is based on domestic violence.”

Meanwhile, it looks like the sheer volume of horror films is getting to Bipasha, for she has reportedly been hearing voices while shooting the very spooky film ‘Aatma’. Says Bipasha, “I have always been scared of horror films. In fact, I hardly ever watch them myself. To top it all, when such scary things happen, I really get spooked out. And ‘Aatma’ is one film, where there seems to be no dearth of such incidents.”

Confirms a source, of one such incident on sets: “We were shooting for an indoor scene, where only Bipasha was to be present along with a domestic help. Everyone was given strict instructions to maintain pin-drop silence. The junior artist confirmed that even she could hear a woman sing, even though strangely enough no one on the sets heard anything at all. This spooked out Bipasha and the junior artist, both of who heard the song distinctly.”