Birthday Special: Lesser Known Facts About Akshay Kumar


Akshay Sonakshi 02[tps_footer]Akshay Kumar celebrates his birthday today. Don’t ask us what is his age because he definitely looks much younger than his actual age. He is one of the fittest 45+ actors that India has ever seen. He is disciplined and had to go through a lot of lows to attain the highs he enjoys today. On his birthday, let’s refresh about what we know about this hunk.

Akshay has always been a mischievous person. His daredevilry comes from his interest to do something weird and strange all the time. He never used to like studying but would excel in all kinds of sports.

Akshay’s interest in Martial arts began at the tender age of Standard 8. He had started training on it since then. He later went to Bangkok to learn Muay Thai and fend for his stay there by being a Chef and waiter at a restaurant.

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Akshay had auditioned for Deepak Tijori’s role in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, the Aamir Khan cycle racing film. Imagine what it would have been to see the two power packed performers pitted against each other so early in their caree?

Being WWE fan, Akshay met Kane at his residence in 2010.

Akshay Kumar lost a bet to Anupam Kher when the latter’s predictions of Special 26’s collections turned out to be true. To keep his end of the bargain, Akshay had to dance atop of a table.

Akshay is superstitious about number 9. He believes the number has brought him a lot of luck and also his children who were born in the ninth month.


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