Birthday Special: Why We Respect Akshay Kumar

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Akshay-04[tps_footer]Akshay Kumar celebrates his birthday today. Don’t ask us what is his age because he definitely looks much younger than his actual age. He is one of the fittest 45+ actors that India has ever seen. He is disciplined and had to go through a lot of lows to attain the highs he enjoys today. On his birthday, let’s refresh about what we know about this hunk. Akshay Kumar has been around since many decades now. He has seen a lot of ups and equally depressing downs. He is perhaps the only who has done back to back films to make. He had no godfather to begin his career here, yet he managed to make many friends who swear by him and his passion for films. Here are certain things you will be amazed to know about Akshay.

Akshay Kumar is perhaps the only actor in his generation who has already crossed the 100 films mark. His 100th film was Boss which didn’t make much noise but he did.

Stage show

Many may not know that Akshay Kumar has been doing stage shows even before he became an actor. Even today, he takes out time to perform on stage.

No camps

Akshay Kumar never built camps or joined any existing one either. He never was too paly with any of the superstar Khan’s but never rubbed anyone the wrong way. There have been rumours about his differences with Shah Rukh and Salman Khan but he never bothered to clarify anything.

Fab and fit

Akshay is perhaps the only other actor apart from Ajay Devgn in his generation who is so fit despite being over 40. He is so disciplined he can put all the Khan’s to shame. Being fit and staying so is part of Akshay’s life

Untouched by Khan‘s

Khan’s were ruling the roost when Akshay was trying to build his own fan following. Despite a defeaning encore for Khan’s all the time, he persisted and flourished becoming a major player in the industry. He didn’t have Yash Chopra or Sajid Nadiadwala or Sooraj Barjatya to back him everytime he hit a dark spot yet he is still here doing what he does best.

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