Blunders In Bollywood Films That Went Unnoticed

Featured-Movie-MistakesWe know, making a Bollywood film is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and a huge team to deliver perfection. But in this whole process, Bollywood filmmakers and actors so easily let some blunders skip out their eyes that it literally surprises us and makes us laugh out loud too. Here are Bollywood few blunders that happened in film which just went unnoticed and undetected. We warn you before hard to use logic as to why these scene were shot, because honestly, no logic can possibly explain it. Here’s The List Of Blunders In Bollywood Films That Went Unnoticed. Movie-Mistake-Pk


In PK, Aamir Khan apparently gains knowledge and all his ability to speak from a sex worker. Now, in the movie we saw the actor go through a lot of trouble comprehending what condom are for or referring to people making love in car as ‘dancing cars’ when he gained the ability and knowledge from a sex worker? All of this shouldn’t bother him, don’t you think? This wasn’t the only blooper that took place in the film. Remember the scene where Sanjay Dutt comes to Delhi with the thief? After a closer look, we see the train was a Kalyan bound train. Now this makes us wonder how can a train that journeys between Nagpur and Mumbai, change its course and route to pick people in Rajasthan and drop them off to Delhi? Strange logic!

Movie-Mistake-Badlapur-001 Movie-Mistake-BadlapurBadlapur 

In a scene where the men dressed as Goan musicians, who are entertaining the guests and Varun Dhawan, all of a sudden disappear in the CCTV camera footage? This isn’t the only disappearing act that took place in the film. Apparently, there’s a scene where Varun makes a huge mess after smashing a wine bottle on the wall but when the actor is walking the wall, the wine and the stain marks are all gone. Well, maybe the wall drank it? Movie-Mistake-Dum-Laga-Ke-HaishaMovie-Mistake-Dum-Laga-Ke-haisha-002Dum Laga Ke Haisha 

This film surely touched our hearts and made us fall in love with Ayushmann Khurrana all over again. But remember the scene where Prem and his family are all set to get the actor a bride. Well, the ride happened to be quite long than we expected. Why we say so? well, in the next scene the car which happened to be a brand new one, gets a colour change, rusty and even gets few dents. All of this in a matter of few minutes? Movie-Mistake-Dhoom-3Dhoom 3 

Remember Katrina Kaif‘s very hot and sizzling Kamli song? well, in the beginning, we see Katrina in denim dungaree and white shirt, with no stockings. We repeat, No black stockings beneath her denim dungaree but in the next scene when the actress takes her dungaree off, we see her in black stockings.  Movie-Mistakes-Queen _Movie-Mistakes-Queen-001Queen 

Well, Kangana Ranaut‘s National Award winning film Queen wasn’t error free. The film had few many errors but one particular scene just really didn’t escape our eyes. Remember the scene where Kangana is at a club, dancing with mehendi on her hand? Well, the moment the actress steps out of the club to get a cab, the mehendi is gone!Movie-Mistakes-Bang-BangMovie-Mistakes-Bang-Bang-001Bang Bang 

Katrina does it again! This time in Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer film Bang Bang. There was a scene that shows the two of them tangled after their bike crashes to the ground. Then next second in the next scene, we see Katrina on the opposite side of Hrithik, tangle free, how?! Even Hrithik looks confused! Movie-Mistakes-Kick- Movie-Mistakes-Kick-001Kick 

In the blockbuster film Kick, in the middle of a chase, Salman Khan decides to take a pee break. The star is answering the nature’s call while two ladies look disgusted. However and whatever the scene be, Salman looks sexy as always and while he was busy being sexy and doing his business, the another scene shows few children standing in front of the actor asking for donation. Now, those kids, standing in front of Salman while he answered his nature’s call? WHAT?! Movie-Mistakes-Ek-Villian-002 Movie-Mistakes-Ek-VillianEk Villain 

Like the above Bollywood films, Siddharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh starrer film Ek Villain also had some mirror errors. There was this one scene where Riteish Deshmukh is being beaten up and in the middle of the fight, his costume just changes! We saw costume change thing happen in songs but fight scenes too? Bollywood sure is progressing. Movie-Mistakes-g-one-2 Movie-Mistakes-G-oneRa.One 

Ra.One took the word “blunders” to a whole new level. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a Hindu but when he dies, the actor has a Christian funeral ceremony. Oh no, there’s more. This isn’t it because in the next scene, we see Kareena emptying his ashes into the river. We wonder what was the logic behind it… oh wait. There was no logic at all!Movie-Mistake-3-idots3 Idiots 

In Aamir Khan‘s 3 Idiots, there were a lot of blunders but one specific scene caught our attention. The scene where Farhan and Raju threaten to drop Mr. Chanchad‘s remains down the drain. The actors do drop the pot’s cap (the empty one)  in the commode. However, in the next scene, we see the real Ranchoddas holding the same pot at his doorstep with pot’s cap ON! Now what sorcery is this?