Bollywood Actors Who Turned Violent And Raised Their Hands

Salman-SRK-ANGRY [tps_footer]Actors slapping people lesser than them is no longer news! It can be a technician or a reporter, a fan or a junior artist, Bollywood has seen many such awkward moments when actors have lost their cool over people around them and raised their hands to shut them off!SHAHRUKH-KHAN-Photoshoot1Shah Rukh Khan

The first in this list would probably be Shah Rukh Khan slapping Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kundar! The choreographer-turned-director then was going through a rough patch with Shah Rukh khan, though they happened to be thick friends earlier. Shirish Kunder had said something unpleasant to which the actor had slapped him in public! This is old news, but it still haunts. Recently there is also a rumour that he slapped singer Honey Singh over some hot exchange of words.

 Salman-AngrySalman Khan

Next here would be Bollywood’s ever-angry Salman Khan. From breaking cameras of journalists to assaulting his co-stars, he had done it all. Off late though, Salman Khan has mellowed down considerably and his generous avatar has largely taken over his temperamental behaviour.

Priyanka-Chopra-002 Priyanka Chopra

Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra’s known for being the sarcastic lady in Bollywood. The actress is bold and beautiful, and well, dangerous too! During her shoot at Colaba, right outside her vanity van, the actress hit a man real bad. Priyanka justified her hitting by saying that the stranger misbehaved with her.

Anushka-SharmaAnushka Sharma

‘PK’ actress lost her control after a fan, more of a stalker, kept following her and asking her absurd questions. The fan was following her from a quite long, then soon enough; the actress turned and pushed the man to go away. This incident happened during an award funtion.

 Kangana-RanutKangana Ranaut

‘Queen’ actress Kangana Ranaut has been accused of abusing her driver, both physically and verbally. The incident happened during the shooting of the film ‘Fashion’. Kangana slapped her driver after he asked the actress to provide a proper direction to the set of film ‘Fashion’, to which the actress responded violently.

John-Abhram-001John Abraham

Bollywood’s hot hunk John Abraham has a personality that makes girls go head over heels for him and envious physic. But the charming man turned into a monster and slapped a female fan. Yes, the actor got so irritated that he slapped his female fan. Well, the reason for his action was later explained. The incident took place in Mangalore, where a female fan was so obsessed with John that she bit his hand, to which, the actor responded with a slap!

Akshay-Its-Entertainment Akshay Kumar

Known to be a gentleman otherwise, Akshay Kumar reportedly slapped a fan during the shooting of his upcoming film, Gabbar. Spot witnesses said that the guy was crossing the boundary of shooting zone without heeding to the warnings. He was trying to take photographs of the star even when he was repeatedly asked not to!

Ekta Kapoor Main coverEkta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor, among women, never hesitates to lash back at people who come on her way. She usually gets physically abusive when her work suffers because of an employee’s dumb or careless act and then she is known to raise hands or throw objects at the person without caring about what happens later.

 Genelia D'Souza Main cover(1)Genelia D’Souza

New mom Genelia D’Souza, who is known from being the most jolly and cheerful person in B-town, lost her cool and slapped a fan. Apparently, the guy was misbehaving with the actress. The incident took place at a showroom inauguration event in Vijayawada.


Govinda, who is one of the best comic heroes that India has ever produced, has also been known for his temperamental hangovers. On the sets of Money Hai To Honey Hai, the actor is said to have slapped even a fan! In his defense he said that the fan was misbehaving with the female actors on the set.

Aditya-Pancholi-00231 Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi, who is playing the baddie in Sanjay Leela Bansali’s, Bajirao Mastani, suddenly slapped a junior artist on his face. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited on the sets, but when the actor found a junior artist disobeying the rule, he could not control his temper and slapped him hard!

Not only this much, after assaulting a junior artist on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Bajirao Mastani, Aditya repeated the act with a reporter who was trying to record the event!


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