Bollywood Celebrities Reacts On Padmavati Ban

padmavati reaction
Bollywood celebrities talk about the ongoing Padmavati row at the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2017.

Bollywood celebrities talk about the ongoing Padmavati row at the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2017.

Last night was a star-studded one at the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2017. However, Padmavati’s delayed release was on everyone’s mind. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati was supposed to release yesterday on December 1. The movie could not be released as it has been sent back to the CBFC for reviewing. Many states in the country have banned the movie given the ongoing protests. Death threats have been given to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone by fringe groups.

Let us see what Bollywood celebrities had to say about the ongoing Padmavati Row.

Yami Gautam   

“It’s unacceptable and shocking the way things are going. I hope it comes to a solution really fast. Films are made with a lot of hard work. I’m sure there are some concerns. But it (Padmavati) should be watched first and then passed any opinion.”

Kriti Sanon  

“It’s scary to be a part of the industry and see something like that happening. No matter what you do, acting is our job! We are portraying characters which is our job. I’d be scared to portray a character in future where it might offend someone and publicly someone can give me a death threat. It is very scary. I also feel that media should not be showing so much. It’s not something to be shown, it’s not something to be spread.”

Sonakshi Sinha  

“Whatever is happening is wrong. It shouldn’t happen. Giving death threats in our country is not the correct thing. I think strict action should be taken.”

Jacqueline Fernandez   

“I find it sad that people have to resort to death threats. There are better, peaceful ways of resolving things. No one should succumb to death threats. That’s the worst kind of behavior anyone could have!”

Bhumi Pednekar   

“We are a free country. We should have freedom of speech in every aspect of our nation! I am a very big fan of Sanjay Sir’s. I think Deepika (Padukone) is lovely. I truly cannot wait till I watch Padmavati. We all stand with them. ”

Hrithik Roshan   

“It’s a very clear indication of our level of evolution. We are still evolving as a society and as individuals. It’s a reflection of a fact that we still have a long way to go. To evolve into beings that can be bereft of these problems, issues, assumptions, and attacks. It’s not right.”

Alia Bhatt   

“Let’s all hope for a happy ending for everyone!”

Varun Dhawan   

“Protesting peacefully is fine. It’s a democracy, everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions and we should respect that. Making threats should not be allowed in a democracy. I believe in our judiciary, I’m sure they’ll manage it.”

Padmavati star Shahid Kapoor when asked about the threats of bodily harm that come to his co-star Deepika Padukone, he said, “It’s in terrible taste. I didn’t expect so much being said and spoken about a lady, to begin with. I’m very shocked,”

Throughout this while, we have heard director Sanjay Leela Bhansali speak only once about the Padmavati Row. The filmmaker had released a video in which he clarified any misconceptions around Padmavati and its alleged dream sequence. Thereafter Bhansali has maintained silence.

On this, Shahid commented, “I’ve not had a chance to meet him or speak to him. My heart goes out to him. He is probably the finest filmmaker that I’ve worked with. He has tried his level best. Eventually, everything becomes subjective. Everybody can have an opinion and the whole idea of a democracy is to respect each other’s opinion.  And to do things with love, warmth, and belief that the person in front of us is not deliberately trying to harm us. He has been on a receiving end of a lot of criticism. He’s not been able to show his film! For somebody of his caliber to be not able to present his film is not something that is right for him at this stage and his stature in his career. I am wishing, praying and sending him a lot of love every day,”

Shahid Kapoor further implored to give Padmavati a shot before judging it. The new release date of Padmavati will be declared once CBFC is done reviewing it.