When Bollywood Copied Hollywood Film Posters

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Poster-04[tps_footer]Copying Hollywood films is our birth right. If we are not allowed to copy their films, we copy their look and feel or in some case the posters. Time and again, Bollywood has aped the posters of famous films for their own projects, making fans appreciate the art. Here are some of the copycats for you to figure whether to like them or not.

1. PK and Portugese album cover of 1973

Aamir Khan created a storm by holding a transistor to hide whatever is left of his vanity in the first PK poster. It saw rave and outrage, alike. However, within no time, references with a certain album cover also hit the marquee which is strikingly similar to Aamir’s nude presence. Quim Barreiros’ album cover from the 1973 bears uncanny resemblance to the PK poster.

2. Agent Vinod and Johnny English

This Saif Ali Khan misfire was supposed to be India’s answer to James Bond but it ended up becoming a caricature of a lot of bond films. For effect, the makers even copied the poster of Johnny English but to no affect.

3. Xposé and The Great Gatsby

People are still trying to figure out how did Himesh Reshammiya’s The Xposé worked so well. It just had grand sets and good prop actors yet the film worked. Well, it seem The Great Gatsby style of poster making helped its cause with Himesh aping Leonardo Di Caprio’s mannerism. Did we hear Leo choke on his wine?

4. Ek Villain and Step Up

Sometimes filmmakers believe if the film is old, people forget about it. What they don’t get is a film that has been watched by nearly the whole India, is difficult to forget. Ek Villain worked for its music and the hot villain but it tried to peak curiosity in people by aping Step Up’s poster. Well, it did work.

5. Rowdy Rathore and Replacement Killers

Rowdy Rathore itself was a remake of a weird film from Tamil and Telugu film industry. And to keep the copied vibe alive they went west and recreated The Replacement Killers on the poster. Don’t angry us, Akshay Kumar!

6. Creature 3D and Jeepers Creepers

The creature will soon be on prowl this month. But to make it seem very scary, Vikram Bhatt might have though of taking inspiration from The West. The poster is very similar to Jeepers Creepers and we aren’t too proud to announce that.

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