Bollywood Films Arnold Schwarzenegger Must Watch






Krish-3 [tps_footer]So Arnold Schwarzenegger is bowled over by the first look of Shankar’s Ai and why wouldn’t he be. The trailer looks stunning and can easily be the best visual effects display yet seen on Indian screens. But we think Arnold should also take into account a few other Hindi films that have the capacity to clog his mind (in a good way we hope). So Mr. Terminator, here’s a list for you:

It isn’t often that you get to see so many genres in just one film. Packed with punches of all sorts (dialogues, stunts, comedy), this film is unlike anything you have seen. You might be bewildered to see how a limbless man manages to wound a perfectly healthy dacoit so badly that he cannot move. But then that’s the magic of Indian movies.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Yes Hollywood has doled out some of the best romantic movies ever which can be easily trailed to Hindi films as we have unabashedly copied them. But here Raj and Simran marry at all odds. Arnold will be zapped to see how a girl manages to unite with her lover while the train is running.

Obviously you have better stuff but you don’t have a Rajinikanth. Watch the film not for the special effects but what the actor can do with them. Better still, he is a robot here…it can’t get any better than this.

Our cops are known worldwide for good and bad reasons. But if you haven’t seen Chulbul Pandey ji doing his stunts as a cop in Dabangg, you haven’t seen anything. We aspire to have a similar corrupt agile cop till today.

Of ocurse you should check out our Desi superhero. Superheroes in West come to rescue when an alien of some kind attacks a city. Our Krrish saves anyone and everyone, for example a kid danging from an electric wire. Also, Krrish here is an emotion because ‘hum sab mei krrish hai.’ Don’t you want to see why?

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