Bollywood Films Banned; Pakistan Will Air Indian TV Serials Only On One Condition


Due to the recent border tension between India and Pakistan, a ban on Bollywood films in now imposed in Pakistan. Indians are also demanding a ban on Pakistani artistes working in India. Well, recently, the owner of one of the Indian channels decided they won’t air Pakistani tv serials if these Pakistani actors don’t condemn the terror attacks in India. Now, even Pakistan has decided that will allow the airing of Indian content in Pakistan based on reciprocity.

The decision was taken by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Monday. Reportedly, Pemra will only allow airtime to Indian content if India allows airtime to Pakistani content. In a summary sent to the federal government, Pemra said in a statement, adding that the government has also been requested to make airing of Indian content conditional with that of Pakistani content being aired in India.

The statement further said that from October 15, the body will take action against airing of “all unauthorised content and TV channels” in the country. Pemra chairman Absar Alam said that around three million Indian DTH decoders are being sold in the country. They not only want this sale stopped but will also ask the relevant agencies to trace the money trail to determine the mode of payments made to Indian dealers selling these decoders to Pakistanis.

He further added that all stakeholders, including cable operators and the Pakistan Broadcasters Association, had been forewarned that steps would be initiated in near future against the airing of excessive foreign content.

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