Bollywood Films That Were Banned In India


Featured-BannedTo get to the viewers, every film has to go through Censor Board. A lot of films in India have received the red signal from the Censor Board in the past and still keep receiving. Censor Board has banned a lot of films for its content. A lot of films were either banned, or the film’s release was put on hold or the shooting was halted by central or state government. Here’s the list of such Bollywood films that were banned in India. Take a look!Banned-Movies-Aandhi         Aandhi 1975

Directed by Gulzar, 1975 film Aandhi, which starred Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen, was banned during the Emergency by Indira Gandhi and was subsequently released in 1977, after Janata Party came in power.Banned-Movies-Kissa-Kurshi-KaKissa Kursi Ka

Kissa Kursi Ka by director Amit Nahata, a political spoof, was banned by the Congress government for mocking Emergency. Sanjay Gandhi’s supporters burned all the master prints and all the copies of the film, after it was lifted from the Censor Board office. The film was later remade with a whole new cast. The original cast of the film included Shabana Azmi and Surekha Sikri.Banned-Movies-Bandit-QueenBandit Queen 1994

After Phoolan Devi challenged the authenticity of Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen, the film was temporarily banned by the Delhi High Court. The film starred Seema Biswas in the lead role.Banned-Movies-KamasutraKama Sutra: A Tale Of Love (1996)

Directed by Mira Nair, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love was banned due to sexual content. The version that was released in India had 2 minute’s nudity scene cut of the film.Banned-Movies-iauscFire (1996)

On the opening day of Fire 1996 film, few movie theatres were attacked by Hindu fundamentalists because the film told a story of a lesbian relationship. Later, the film was withdrawn and sent back to the Censor Board. But then the film was released with no cuts at all.Banned-Movies-Black-FridayBlack Friday (2004)

Based on the 1993 Bombay bomblins, Black Friday’s release was blocked until the verdict of the lawsuit by the Bombay High Court on the petition of the under-trails came out. The film was originally to be released on January 2005, but then it was released on February 2007.Banned-Movies-WaterWater (2005)

Water, starring John Abraham faced opposition during the shooting of the film from hardline Hindu organizations in Varanasi. The people destroyed the sets of the film. Soon, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to stop the shooting of the film in January 2000. Later, the film was shot in Sri Lanka instead. Water was released in India in March 2007.Banned-MoviesMain Hoon Rajinikanth (2014)

Rajnikanth went to Madras High Court to stop the release of Main Hoon Rajnikanth, stating that the film violated his personal rights. Later, a stay was put on the film and makers were asked to not use Rajnikanth’s name, image or likeness. Director Faisal Saif showed the film to Rajnikanth and his lawyers to assure them. Film’s title was later changed to Main Hoon Rajini.Banned-Movies-Indias-DaughterIndia’s Daughter (2015)

The documentary which told the tragic story of 2012 Delhi gang rape was prevented from being broadcasted in India and a stay order from the court was put on because few people in the video defended rape by stating their personal remarks on the matter which created a public outcry in India. The video however was uploaded to YouTube.Banned-Movies-UnfreedomUnfreedom (2015)

Unfreedom was denied a rating from Censor Board, as the film showed same sex relationships and religious fundamentalism in India. Board told the director of the film Raj Amit Kumar that the film will cause clashes between Hindus and Muslims and will provoke “Unnatural passions”.