Some Bollywood Myths Broken


Salman-Running[tps_footer]Bollywood has taught us a lot of things. How to run, how to emote, how to propose, how to bash goons and much more. It is amazing how much we have learnt from films. At times we have learnt more from films than our textbooks. We all wish to see the fantasy land of films recreated in real life as well but that is wishful thinking. But we can definitely break some myths here. Here are some of Bollywood myths.

1. Sweet Sleep

Remember Aishwary Rai Bachchan sleeping with the moon in the backdrop in Devdas? Won’t you want to look that ravishingly beautiful while you sleep? Well, that’s never the case. You wish you look that serene and pretty but in reality you will be clumsy with perhaps all the hair on your face.

2. Let’s dance

It has always amazed us as to how the mob behind the hero or a heroine matches their steps so accurately with them when they break into a dance. They are just bang on! In reality, people will click a video of you and put it up on Youtube. We don’t know about flash mob but you will definitely become a youtube sensation.

3. Swiss love

Apparently winter is the best season to show off your jackets and cardigans. In fact, we feel that’s the season that prompts anyone to dress best given the fact that winter fashion rocks. But not for our heroines. With the Heros dressed to their head with warm clothes, heroine is left with just chiffon sarees to beat the cold. In reality, cold definitely hampers you and you wouldn’t even think about chiffon saree at that time.

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4. Hero bleeds

How much ever you beat the hero, he generally bleeds only from the corner of his mouth or forehead. Anywhere else is just not cool. If hero shoots, even one shot is enough to kill a goon but if the latter shoots a round, they will not even touch her. In reality, you will die, period!

5. Bald is bad

It is an unsaid rule in Bollywood that if you are bald, you have to play negative characters. Anupam Kher was Dr. Dang while Kulbhushan Kharbandha was the ruthless shakal. Even our Sanjay Dutt went bald to play Kaancha Cheena in Agneepath reprise. But in reality, Bald doesn’t necessarily be bad. In today’s day and age, receding hairline is a common ailment. So if every bald guy turns bad, the whole humanity will go bad.

6. Run and grow

It is the best way to show how old you are. You may start the sprint as a seven year old but after the dramatic backdrop and the credits end; you are a 30 year old man. Seriously?! If growing up would have been that easy, we would have been great peopleby now.

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