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 New-Deshdrohi[tps_footer]Films are an expression of someone’s thought process. It takes a lot of time, money and hardwork to make a film. There should be freedom of expression here too but many a times, films became the victim of India’s questionable beliefs and traditions. Here are some of the Bollywood films that were banned, depriving the patrons of some good cinema

Kissa Kursi Ka
Not many know about this film, but it was one of the most sensitive film ever made on the period of Emergency levied on the country by Indira Gandhi when she was the Prime Minister. The story also threw light on the strained relations between Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi. The prints of the film were confiscated and burned down.

Yet another film which supposedly took leaf out of the life of our ex-prime minister Indira Gandhi. Although Gulzar claimed it had no resemblance to any politician’s life, the uncanny similarity between Gandhi and Suchitra Sen’s getup was enough to put the film under scrutiny. The film was pulled down from theatres after it played for 20 days.

Bandit Queen
Guess the first three letters of the first word in the name happened to this Shekhar Kapur masterpiece. Given its volatile content, abusive language and atrocities, the film was shot down by Censor board. Yet this film still remains the only well executed biopic on a bandit.

Part of Deepa Mehta’s trilogy, Fire was too ahead of times or rather too developed for Indian audience. The presence of a lesbian relationship in the premise was enough to bring the house down. Shiv Sena took huge offence to the film’s screening in India. The actors and the director even received death threats. Then and now, what has changed? Homosexuality is still a crime!

Anurag Kashyap is still awaiting the release of his debut film, Paanch. The film was on Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders of 1997 and was laced with gruesome violence, plush use of expletives and much more. No wonder that the Board didn’t feel too interested to let it pass.

Black Friday
Inspired from the famous S Hussian Zaidi book The Black Friday– The True Story Of Bombay Bomb Blasts, the film got banned for obvious reasons. Since the trials on the blasts were still on, the film wasn’t allowed to release until the verdict was out. It took two years to release the film.

Another part of Deepa Mehta’s trilogy hit a rough patch. The reality of India was the premise of the film but then who likes to hear the truth. Hence, the film went through a lot of upheavels before release. Protesters had even destroyed the sets of the film and it was later released under the name of River Moon.

Remember Kamaal R Khan’s claim to fame? Yes, we are talking about his debut film Deshdrohi which stemmed out from the increasing divide between Marathis and North Indian in the state of Maharashtra. Although the film has entered into Bollywood hall of weirdo, it was banned for the content. According to CBFC, the film could evoke wrong sentiments in people.

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