Bollywood’s Most Badass Villains Of All Time  

Featured-VilliansThere must be a villain for a hero to exist. These villains are mean, scary, brutal, evil and bad, oh, so so bad that it makes them so good! Yes, they are smart, they are clever and they are bad*ss and we totally love them! They make our Bollywood films all the more worth watching. They add the spice in the whole drama. After all, it’s always good to be bad, if it’s done right. Here’s the list of Bollywood’s most bad*ass villains of all time. Take a look!

Villian-GabbarGabbar – Sholay

Gabbar is certainly one of the most Bad*ss villains in the history of Indian cinema, Sholay. Right from his crooked smile to his attitude, everything about him yells “evil”. Gabbar stepped into our lives in the year 1975 by Director Ramesh Sippy in most acclaimed film Sholay and its been so long but still people remember every famous dialogues by Gabbar.

Villian-MogamboMogambo – Mr India

Mr. India film gave us two things, a super hero and a super villain. In the year 1987, we were introduced to Mogambo, whose dream was to conquer India and make each Indian his slave. Well, that plan didn’t go so well. Anyway, whenever we hear the name Mogambo, his famous dialogues “Mogambo Khush Hua” rings in our head.Villian-Amrish-PuriBalwant Rai – Ghayal

Now this again was one of the most badass villains in Bollywood. Balwant Rai was introduced to us in Sunny Deol’s film Ghayal. His expressions, personality and dialogues, everything made the audiences go gaga!

Villian-KanhaiyaalalSukhi Lal AKA Lala – Mother India

Sukhilalal from Indian Cinema’s one of the most iconic films, Mother India, was hated by most of the Indians back in the days. The man was full of evilness. The bad phase that he put the lead and her family go through, really! Old and evil!

SheekalShakaal – Shaan

That shiny head and evil soul! Shaakal is surely one of the most meanest and bas*ass villains in Bollywood! Apart from her evil grin, shiny head, fantastic outfit, Shakaal’s dialogue won hearts! One of such was “Shakaal ke haath mein jitne patte hote hai … utne hi patte uski aasteen mein bhi hote hai”.

Villian-Manoj-BajpayeeVeerendra Pratap – Rajneeti

Played by actor Manjoj Bajpai, Veerendra Pratap from film Rajneeti surely is one of the hated villain in Bollywood. Hated, because the actor is so strongly antagonist in the film that one cannot help but hate the character for how awesomely evil he is. Also, nobody even dares to ask Veerendra any question, why? Because of the fear of “Karaara Jawab”.

Director-Actor-Tigmanshu-DhuliaRamadhir Singh – Gangs Of Wasseypur

Everybody knows this man, Ramadhir Singh from Gangs Of Wasseypur and his very famous dialogue, “Tumse na ho payega”. This man is emotionless, careless and doesn’t even gives a penny about his own son. His this strong evil personality makes me so hateful and fabulous!

Villian-China-GateJageera – China Gate

Remember this dirty looking meanest, evilest and heartless villain from film China Gate? Killing people is just an every day thing for this man. Right from his unbathed look to his creepiest and gruesome acts in the film, people just wanted this villain’s head get served on a platter so bad!

Villian-KalicharanLion – Kalicharan

Remember his very famous dialogue “Sara shehar mujhe lion ke naam se janta hai”? If no, then where have you been all this while, mate?! Lion from film Kalicharan was not actually hated or loathed but yes, he was extremely famous. A well dressed villain with no cruel dialogues and punchline, now that was something new back in the days.

Villian-prem-chopraPrem – Bobby

“Prem naam hai mera, Prem chopra.” Actor Prem Chopra played the role of an antagonist named Prem in the film Bobby. This young male was greedy, creepy and evil. He just couldn’t be happy with somebody’s happiness and oh, the constant creepy evil smile on his face!

Villian-0098Robert Amar Akbar Anthony

Character Robert, played by actor Jeevan in Amar Akbar Anthony won hearts. Why? because of his mean, evil and cruel personality. Just like any bad*ass villain in Bollywood, Robert’s dialgoues were kick*ass too!

Villian-KAnchaKaancha – Agneepath (2012)

Sanjay Dutta totally redefined the word “evil” in 2012 film Agneepath. In the film, Kaancha totally stole all the thunder. It is not wrong to say that the villain was more loved than the protagonist in the film. And the very famous dialogue, “Kya lekar aaye the, kya lekar jaoge” still makes people go crazy.

Villian-AshutoshLajja Shankar Pandey – Sangharsh

Ashutosh Rana scared and took the breath out of people with his performance as Lajja Shankar Pandey in the film Sangharsh. Oh, the scene were he was dressed in sareee, daaaaamn!

Villian-KickShiv Gajra – Kick

One of the finest and most talented actor Nawazuddin Siddique in film Kick lived upto the expectation and gave a fabulous performance and became one of the most bad*ass villains in Bollywood. His evil laughter still echoes the lonely corridors and streets every night!

Villian-Irrfan-Khan-Khurram Meer – Haider

Khurram Meer from 2014’s one of the most acknowledged film Haider won hearts. Now this villain wasn’t actually evil. He was clever, so clever and cunning that people loved how well he played everyone. Performed by Kay Kay Menon, Khurram surely is one of the bad*ass villains in Bollywood.


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