Top Overrated Films Of Bollywood


Devdas [tps_footer]Bollywood is a make-believe world. It is farcical both on and off screen. There are people wearing masks everytime to appear more likeable and acceptable. Filmmakers also make films that are very overrated and evoke unnecessary expectations in people. Here are some of the most overrated films in recent times.

1. Krrish 3

Yes, this is our claim to superhero fame and deserves applause for being made. But a bit of common sense and some intelligence could have made it worth putting it next to the Avatars and Supermans… because face it, nobody has got the superhero legacy right other than them. But being an Indian superhero means the man has to save kids dangling from electric wires and help a plane land safely. It was touted as India’s answer to Hollywood superhero expertise but left everyone with just one question, why?!

2. Dhoom 3

Okay, Dhoom is perhaps the only slick brand India can boast of. Even if it has ludicrous storyline, the presentation and execution win our hearts. But just expanding the villain base with every film doesn’t make it a class apart film. A heist film should be mounted on a pothole less script but Dhoom 3 didn’t even have one.

3. Ra.One

The audience was made to believe that they haven’t seen a more spectacular display of special effects in any Hindi movie yet but when they went to watch it, the effect was far from special. If visual effects were the only catch here, we would have rather played the video game than being part of one. With story nowhere to be seen, this film was perhaps the most overrated film ever made in India which fell flat leaving Ra.One wounded.

4. Ready

The mere existence of a film called Ready is enough to tell you why this film was made. Salman Khan’s Midas touch at the box office was ripe and immediately, a plethora of films with him were getting released. We still wonder what made his sign a film this despicable and unwise. Oh yea…the fact that his films were getting good numbers back to back without anyone questioning its credibility, could be one of the reasons.

5. Devdas

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay didn’t know what he created in Devdas. This story of a lovelorn man has found so many takers that he would have been baffled at his creativity. Even today it is the most sought after reference point for romantic films. But he didn’t know that a filmmaker called Sanjay Leela Bhansali will add so much undue and unwarranted colour to it that it would turn into a rangoli. Taking a ham-star in the lead was perhaps the mistake he shouldn’t have committed but then when it’s Shah Rukh Khan, who’s complaining.

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