Bollywood’s Top Horror Films Of All Time

Featured-BhootWhen we hear the word Bollywood, the first thing that we are reminded of is the word ‘Romance’. Yes, Bollywood is all about cheesy, fairytale romance that has a charming prince who saves or wins a beautiful princess by fighting an evil villain. Same concept, different stories. But Bollywood also has a genre that isn’t actually fully developed. Genre Horror, but when Bollywood gives us a horror film, it surely blesses us with few sleepless nights as well! Indian cinema has given us some of the best most terrifying, spookiest and scariest films of all time and in this list, we count down the best scariest Bollywood films of all time. Take a look! [tps_footer]Scary-mahal
Mahal (1949)
The very famous song ‘Aaega Aane Wala’ is from Kamal Amrohi‘s film Mahal. This was India’s first ever thriller film based on the theme of reincarnation. The film starred Madhubala and Ashok Kumar. This supernatural suspense surely thrilled everyone back then. The impressive story kept everyone on their toes. It was this film this film that everyone started to recognise the actress Madhu bala.scary-Kohraa-(1964)-Kohraa (1964)
This Indian thriller horror cult film was directed by Biren Nag. This film was originally adapted from Daphne Du Maurier‘s 1938 novel, Rebecca. The film starred Waheeda Rehman and Bis wajit Chatterjee. A lot of critics say that the Indian adaption is better than Hollywood version of the novel, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.Scary-Gumnaam-(1965)Gumnaam (1965)
This spooky film instantly became one of the cult films in Indian cinema for it’s thriller, story plot and intense song ‘Gumnaam Hai Koi’. The story line of the film was loosely based on author Agatha Christie’s one of the novels. The film had a huge famous star cast such as Helen, Manoj Kumar, Mehmood  Ali, Nanda and Pran.Scary-100-Days-(1991)100 Days (1991)
Directed by Partho Ghosh, 100 Days was another cult movie that rocked audiences world with groundbreaking thriller and suspense. This film wasn’t actually scary but the suspense and thriller of the film is what made it so popular. It starred actress Madhuri Dixit and actor Jackie Shroff. Scary-Raat-(1992)Raat (1992)
Bollywood and its obsession with a haunted house has been around for ages and this film echoes the same theme, but mind you, do not take it lightly. Because this, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, is one of the scariest film with good script. The film doesn’t advances on horror, it takes you through the story, builds up suspense and at the right time, hits you harder with the tragic part!
Scary-Raaz-(2002)-Raaz (2002)
Directed by Vikram BhattRaaz made us scream and hide under our blankets. A man commits a grave mistake after falling into the lustful trap of a sensual woman. After few years, the man comes back to Ooty with his wife to save their marriage and soon enough, things get out of control. The film starred Bipasha Basu and Deno  Morea. The second film in the franchise, Raaz: The Mystery Continues also succeeded in keeping audiences entertained with his fabulous suspense and thriller.Scary-Bhoot-(2003)Bhoot (2003)
Ram Gopal Varma came back again with another horror flick, Bhoot and this film is said to be one of the most scariest films of all time. The film is packed with spooky, creepy and crazy moments just enough to give your goosebumps through out the film.Scary-Daarna-Mana-Hai-(2003)Daarna Mana Hai (2003)
Another Ram Gopal Varma film. In this one, the director didn’t include the horror part, rather, he made it sure to give audiences chills with six different and most thought provoking scary short stories. Now this was really something new in Indian cinema and was appreciated by audiences.Scary-Vaastu-Shashtra-(2004)Vaastu Shashtra (2004)
…and yet another scary film from Horror fanatic director Ram Gopal Varma! Now this list looks like a list of ‘Ram Gopal Varma’s Scariest Films’. Now this one is a typical ‘A family moving into a haunted creepy house’ film, but the way the story takes us through is what made it one of the most scariest films in Bollywood. In the film, a little boy friend has an imaginary friend.. who isn’t actually “imaginary”.Scary-1920-(2008)1920 (2008)
This thriller horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt took us back in the days. A married young couple moves into a house with a secret and tragic past. Soon, a lot of things start to happen and things in the lives of the couple, go terribly wrong. Surely, this film was a scary rollercoaster ride!