Boney Kapoor Speaks Up On Employing Pakistani Artists In His Film Mom With Sridevi!

Boney Kapoor Comments On Bringing In Pakistani Artists In India

After the great ban of Pakistani artists, there is something that made news in the country. It seems to be extremely shocking and challenging. Well! What is it?

Reports suggest that two TV/film actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali would come to India. They would shoot for a film starring Sridevi. The film is titled, Mom. Just after India declared a ban on Pakistani artists after the Uri attacks, all the artists were asked to see off from India and leave. Even the Raees actress Mahira Khan bid goodbye to India and failed to attend the promotional events. The ban also but barriers to Fawad Khan from promoting Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

The ban was imposed such that it strictly meant no Pakistani stars or artists would be welcomed hereafter as long as there are improvements in the co-relations.

Now, these reports of the return of two Pakistani artists in India is causing some embarrassment in the political circles.

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Shaina NC commented on this scenario saying, “First of all, this report has not been confirmed by Mr. Boney Kapoor. We do hope it’s not true. Secondly, the entry in India of Pakistani artists is at the moment nearly impossible. There are no visas are being granted to Pakistanis except for emergencies. In case it is true we would like to gently point out the insensitivity of considering Pakistani artistes for Bollywood. This at a time when relations between the two countries have hit rock bottom.”

Shaina also added saying that, “Why so we need to get talent from Pakistan when we have so much talent in India? There are so many hopeful aspirants hovering in Bollywood waiting for a chance. Why deprive them of their jobs? I think a producer of Boney Kapoor’s experience and maturity should realize this is not the right time to cast Pakistani artistes.”

Reacting to the reports of the Pakistani artists being brought in for shooting in India, Boney Kapoor said, “Whatever we shot with the Pakistani artists was before the unofficial ban. There is no question of bringing them into India now. We are shooting the remaining portion of the film in Thailand.”

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