Bigg Boss 10: Viewers Have Already Declared This Contestant As A Winner!

Finally, tomorrow star host Salman Khan will declare the winner of the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 10. The commoners Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar along with celebrity contestants VJ Bani and Lopamudra Raut are all set for the grand finale that will take place tomorrow on January 29. The preparations for the grand finale are in full swing with excitement all over.

Talking about each contestant, Manveer Gurjar has won hearts with his bold attitude and tough personality. He managed to grab all the limelight over his belief in the game and staying true to his fellow contestants. On the other, VJ Bani has a huge fan following and has carried herself with dignity though she made less friends on the show, Bani survived every bit of struggle and continued playing the game with the same spirit. Despite being nominated for 13 times, the fitness freak girl always got safe, which proved her fan following and popularity.

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Talking about Manu Punjabi, he has been entertaining the housemates as well as audience since day 1 of the show. His mimicry skills brought laughter in the house with his closeness with Monalisa became a hot topic inside as well as outside the house. His friendship with Manveer has set an example for the world and will be written in the history of the reality show. After the death of his mom, he fought back and continued playing the game with all confidence.

The 4th finalists, Lopamudra Raut stayed in the limelight since day 1. She took stands in the house and raised her voice at every moment. In fact, she was even praised by Salman Khan for taking right stands despite knowing the consequences but in the last few days, things didn’t work out well for Lopa after she questioned the decisions of Bigg Boss.

Well, who deserves to be the winner of the 10th season, will be decided tomorrow but before that, we conducted a poll for our Business Of readers questioning who according to them should be the winner of the show.

Below are the results of the poll:
Manveer Gurjar: 21,000 votes
Bani: 14,000 votes
Manu Punjabi: 1,600 votes
Lopamudra Raut: 2,900 votes

Who do you think will tomorrow walk away with the trophy of Bigg Boss 10? Share your views in the comments section below!

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