Shocking! BookMyBai Has Banned Bollywood Celebrities For THIS Reason!

The service providers of BookMyBai

BookMyBai is a service that runs online and their motive is to provide services for those in need.

‘Book My Bai’ provides working servants for those in need, these female servants are being sent to those in request. The co-founder of BookMyBai says we’ve banned the Bollywood celebrities from using our service due to their disrespectful behavior.

BookMyBai works in four cities, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Kolkata. All you need to do is go on their website and ask for a ‘Bai’, if you can get one, you will get one. Anupam Sinhal, the co-founder of this website posted briefly about the reason why Bollywood celebrities have been banned.

He wrote this on one of his social media handles, ‘ We are all fans of some celebrity or the other. We look up to them. They become role models. Some of them also get prestigious national awards for their work. BookMyBai has worked very closely with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and provided them with a good domestic help in Mumbai and other cities, and our experience has been no less than horrendous.’

He spoke to a leading news daily and shared about his bad experience with the Bollywood stardust’s, he said ‘In the last few months, we have had several complaints from maids about celebrities not behaving well, paying them less — sometimes not paying them at all — and not providing them a meal or leaves that they are entitled to. Celebrities feel that since they have money and influence, they can do anything to their home helps, who often choose to not report cases of abuse and misconduct due to their poor financial condition and fear of being targeted.’

He added further and spoke about the number of times they have come across the celebs. ‘We have had at least 20 big celebrities as clients, apart from a large number of small-time actors. Around 500 requests come to us everyday and we can only provide close to 80-90 home helps. When the demand is this high, we would rather provide our services to valued customers over celebrities who have a poor record.’

He said that all of this was taken up by our team and we can very well recognise who is writing to us for help and if it’s a celebrity the address and names are enough for us to decline their request now. Is anybody from Bollywood going to react on this? It’s strange to know that celebs are taking away these poor fellows income.