Booming Bed Linen Market In The US Has An Indian Connect

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The bed linen market in the US is expected to reach $12.5 billion by 2020. The demand is largely driven by an environmentally conscious customer who seeks Fair Trade certified luxury bedding linen at reasonable prices. As India is the second largest cotton producing country in the world with established production facilities, it is in a unique position to fuel this demand further. Startups like Sol Organics are ensuring that.

Based in Edina, Minnesota, Sol Organics sells cotton sheets, duvets, pillows and pillow-cases, and comforters made from organic cotton to the discerning buyers in the US. What differentiates products of this company from its peers is the pricing.

While most leading organic bed linens come with unnecessary high mark-ups, Sol Organics relies on its product quality and reasonable markups to ensure everyone in the supply chain is reasonably profited.

Vishal Naithani, Co-Founder of Sol Organics, says, “Our entire supply chain is Fair Trade certified which means, right from farmers who cultivate the organic cotton to workers involved, to factories that make our products, everyone is paid fairly for their contribution. All this while ensuring that the end buyer is not overburdened with unnecessary premiums”.

In conventional business models, this would have been difficult for startups like Sol Organics. Brick and mortar stores are ruthless in terms of price negotiations and leave little wiggle room for new entrants to compete with established brands. eCommerce and Internet are enabling players like Sol Organics to reach its target audience with laser precision. Top sleep product review sites connect the buyer and seller in a seamless way that helps everyone involved in making the right buying decisions.

Though online sales form a small portion of the luxury bed linen market in the US, its slowly gaining traction as buyers are warming up to the idea of buying bed linens online. In a span of four to five years, online mattress sellers have cornered around 16% market share in the US. The bed linen market is treading the same path.

But for Vishal Naithani, the greatest pleasure comes from the fact that his venture is helping the cotton farmers in India. As demand for luxury bed linen grows, the entire supply chain will be benefited. However, a lot of work still needs to be done before the industry matures.  

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