Buddy Buddy: Ranveer Singh – Shaad Ali To Spend A Month Together


MUMBAI: For Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Ram Leela’ Ranveer Singh had to undergo intense workshops. For his next film the rules for preparation are somewhat different. Ranveer needs to spend a whole month with his director Shaad Ali before they start shooting for ‘Kill Dill’ early next year.

Apparently the two buddies who go back a long way have formulated a perfect plan to pitch the romantic-action hero of ‘Kill Dill’ just the way it is written.

According to a source, Shaad Ali only wants Ranveer to “be” wth him.

“Just discuss the character, imbibe his traits by listening to the director who has spent nearly two years with the hero while writing the script and knows him in and out.”

While details of what Ranveer will play in ‘Kill Dil’ are being held closely to the director’s chest we understand that Ranveer will play a heartbreaker based on a true-life character.

“But Shaad doesn’t intend to mould Ranveer’s personality to echo the real-life character. He has a special look planned for Ranveer. But more than that Shaad wants Ranveer to get into the heart of his character. For this they need to spend quality time together,” says the source.

The two thick pals will take off on a trekking holiday and for time out at various places as soon as Ranveer is done with the first schedule of ‘Ram Leela’.

Confirming these plans Shaad says, “Yes, I need Ranveer to be with me for a month. It will help us to get into the film together.”