Cabaret: Pooja Bhatt Looking For New-Age Helen

Pooja Bhatt
Pooja Bhatt
Pooja Bhatt

It’s going to be Cabaret first, Jism 3 later.

Though Pooja Bhatt has found her hero for her next film ‘Cabaret’ — it’s Randeep Hooda — she is yet find the girl who plays the central part of a cabaret dancer. And it’s not going to be easy.

Pooja knows it. “Helenji with her ingrained dancers’ dexterity would be my ideal cabaret girl. I am looking for someone who could match her grace. Can we turn back the clock so that Helenji can do my film? The leading lady in Cabaret is an exotic cabaret dancer. Mind you, she isn’t an ‘item girl’. I find that terminology rather offensive.”

After Pooja finds the girl who can play the dancer in Cabaret the chosen one would have to undergo intense training in cabaret dancing.

Says Pooja, “There are enormously elaborate dance numbers in Cabaret. The girl would have to train intensely. She has to be a natural dancer. You are either a born dancer or you are not. Training can only polish your dancing skills. That’s why I say Helenji is my ideal for the role.”

While uncertainty surrounds the selection of the leading lady, Pooja can seek some consolation in the fact that she has finalized the leading man in Cabaret. It’s her Jism 2 lead Randeep Hooda.

Interestingly while Pooja’s father Mahesh Bhatt wants Emraan Hashmi in all his production, Pooja now declares she wants Randeep as her constant leading man. “Yes, I believe in Randeep. I’d like him to be part of every film I make. Unlike Jism 2 where he was one of the two male leads, in Cabaret Randeep plays the solo hero this time.”

Though Pooja is unwilling to divulge any more detail at this point, one gathers Cabaret to be the story of a righteous honest cop and his passionate relationship with a cabaret dancer.

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