Can Good Food Be Exciting? Explore MunchyMumbai

Our taste buds need a lot of attention every now and then. For this we have to explore new food, new places in and around in the city. Instagram suffices our need and presents us top food blogs to follow.

One such best food blog with authentic and delicious food posts is MunchyMumbai of Aamchi Mumbai.

The young men Sagar Rupani and Parth Kothari are the masterminds behind the food blog.  MunchyMumbai explores variety of delicious delicacies that will pamper your taste buds. Wow!

The truly delightful cheesecakes, Mumbai famous Vada Pav, variety of street food, delicious restaurant style food and much more will be found on the food blog to treat yourself. Isn’t that tempting?

If you ever wish to surprise your taste buds, MunchyMumbai is the best way to explore and go for!

They have unquenchable crave for wonderful food.

They also are aware of the famous food joints where you can treat your hunger buds.

MunchyMumbai is ranked at 1st place by Huffington Post’s top 15 Instagrammers of India. The posts as well as pictures on the food blog are absolutely genuine yet exciting.

As the name suggests, MunchyMumbai posts yummylicious food to quench your hunger. From cheese pav bhaji to mouthwatering chocolate cakes to various shakes, Slurrrrp!  These are just few examples of the stuff you will find on the food blog.

Come, let’s delve into the delicious ocean of food and celebrate the virtual food tour of Mumbai with MunchyMumbai!

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