Candid Moment: Shah Rukh Khan’s Sons AbRam And Aryan Bonding

Shah-Rukh-Abram-Settle down, people! Because this picture will surely be the cutest thing you see today on Internet. We have seen SRK‘s little bundle of joy grow slowly and steadily, and look now, AbRam has grown so much that he is standing on his own two little feet!
Today,Shah Rukh Khan shared an adorable picture of his sons Aryan and AbRam on his official Twitter account. SRK tweeted the perfectly captured candid shot of his sons with caption, “The long and short of it….truth has a beauty if it’s own. “
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By sharing this extremely cute picture, Shah Rukh Khan made everyone’s day. In the picture, we see adorable AbRam looking up at his big brother Aryan, who’s leaning on the balcony wall and seems to be lost in his own train of thoughts. The picture was taken at their bungalow, Mannat.
It’s no news that Shah Rukh Khan is obsessed with his kids. King Khan keeps expressing his joy for his children with his fans on social networking sites every now and then. It so emotionally heart touching to see how SRK‘s whole life revolves around his family.